Information about the doctors in Kilimanjaro Doctors, midwives and medical assistants in hospitals, health centres and dispensaries are the much-needed persons to provide the medical help in Africa. They often lack the appropriate resources to establish a proper diagnosis. Chances that they receive additional training are generally very slim. To ensure that they can keep up with the rapid developments that take place in medicine in general and in diagnostics in particular, it is essential for developing countries such as Tanzania that new knowledge and expertise are passed on through seminars, lectures and publications. Stichting Kilimanjaro was founded for this reason on 1 January 1988. Its aim is to exchange and promote scientific research and medical knowledge between doctors who work in the Netherlands and their colleagues in Africa. The articles of the Dutch foundation and its objectives were set out in a deed executed before a notary in August 1988. ACTIVITIES OF STICHTING KILIMANJARO 1. International Seminar and Family Doctors Refresher Courses in Tanzania Each spring, autumn and summer, the foundation organises medical seminars in Arusha, Tanzania; the so-called PHC courses. These courses are of particular interest to family doctors who want to combine practical training with sharing knowledge with their African colleagues. The spring and autumn courses programme comprises a 2-day international seminar and a 4-day family doctor training. The international seminar is organised jointly by Mama’s Health Organization (MHO ) in Arusha and Stichting Kilimanjaro. It is primarily intended as a platform for family doctors interested in travellers’ diseases and for Tanzanian doctors who want to attend the seminar. The summer programme provides an excellent opportunity to go on a family safari after the 2-day PHC course has been finalised. For further information on the course please turn to the ‘Huisartsennascholing’ section (‘refresher courses for family doctors’ – only available in Dutch). 2. Lessons out of Africa – Newsletter Lessons out of Africa is the official newsletter of Stichting Kilimanjaro and includes a description of all its activities. 3. Outreach Programme Dutch doctors can join the Outreach programme for a couple of weeks and pass on their knowledge and support to Tanzanian doctors. The aim of the programme is to combine theoretical education (the annual seminar in Arusha) with practical training (the outreach project). Various Tanzanian doctors from clinics in Arusha and surrounding areas are more than happy to cooperate in both the seminar and practical teaching. Once the programme has ended, you can enjoy your stay in the Dutch Doctors Camp, in the vicinity of Arusha, and prepare yourself to either go on safari or climb the Mount Meru or Mount Kilimanjaro. 4. Maternal Mortality Project Maternal mortality is a serious problem in large parts of the world en especially in the countryside of Africa. This project is all about: improving care to pregnant women; educating midwives; improving communication, referral system and transport. Plan of action * Midwives to receive practical local training from doctors who voluntarily follow the Outreach programme after the PHC course. * Purchase of mobile phones to help improve accessibility and communication. * WHO advice on medical checks to give pregnant women information on where to go if they have problems. * Construction of waiting room facilities for pregnant women near clinics in their own region. The newsletters will keep you informed on the progress of this project. We hope you enjoy reading the content of our website. Should you be interested in our activities or want more information, please e-mail us at or phone us at +31 (0)20 4414860 (if you leave a message on our answering machine we will call you back ASAP). Best tropical wishes, Peter Melkert, physician/pathologist Chairman of Stichting Kilimanjaro Stichting Kilimanjaro, Postbus 916, 1180 AX Amstelveen, ABNAMRO bank account number 546381863. Thank you for supporting our activities in Africa. Kilimanjaro Doctors since 2000 Dr. Jacobus Bakkers, radiologist in Doetinchem Dr.Herman Bergwerff, family doctor in Baard Dr. Charles Boissevain, surgeon in Amsterdam Dr. Jacques Bogdanowicz, urologist in Delft Dr. Jan van Dijk, family doctor in Nijmegen Dr. Pieter van Dongen, gynaecologist in Stellenbosch ZA Dr. Sylvia ter Haar, gynaecologist in Eindhoven Dr. Mark Hoetjer, paediatrician in Amersfoort Dr. Hans Huisman, family doctor in Wijk bij Duurstede Dr.Wouter van Kempen, family doctor in Haarlem Dr. Harry Kragt, gynaecologist in Delft Dr.Peter Luursema, lung specialist in Zutphen Dr. Cecile Magies, lung specialist in Nijmegen Dr. Wim v/d Meijden, venereologist in Rotterdam Dr. Peter Melkert, pathologist in Amstelveen Dr.Jacob Mus, family doctor in Amersfoort Dr. Bernard Prins, family doctor in Amstelveen Dr. Peter Reemst, surgeon in Eindhoven Dr.Jan Rijcken, surgeon in Geldrop Dr.Steven Smits, internist in Leusden Dr. Onno Terpstra, prof. surgeon in Leiden Dr.Hans Veeken, family doctor in Amsterdam Dr.Douwe Verkuyl,. gynaecologist in Driebergen Dr. Ronald Vierhout, surgeon in Emmen Dr. Roeland Voorhoeve, surgeon in Amersfoort Dr. Harry de Vries, orthopaedic surgeon in Gorinchem Dr.Jos Vroemen, surgeon in Breda Dr.Jaap Willems, orthopaedic surgeon in Amsterdam